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Do we own nature?

Hello my fellow bloggers!
I am so so so sorry for falling of the blogging wagon for so long...what's it been, like 3 months?

Geez...I can't do that again.
Well, I'm back for good!

But I don't have anything to write about right now at this instance because I'm in class and I'm suppose to be paying attention the video my professor's playing for us.

It's about Vandana Shiva and her fight against the global food crisis.
Did you know you can actually
patent a plant seed? Like, you can OWN a type of seed and make it so that people have to pay you if they need to grow that seed. WTF is the world coming to? How can you just own an organism?

People literally starve to death cuz they can't grow the plants they need on their farms because they can't afford to pay the millions of dollars it costs to pay for the ONE kind of corn seed they were already growing to sustain their families!

Did I lose you on that one?

Lemme break it down for you lol:

One day, a truck carrying a ton of corn seeds that were genetically modified (we'll call it CornX) drove by a small farmer who was minding his own business. The tarp happened to fly off and a bunch of seeds landed in this poor farmer's ditch.

So now this poor farmer's got their CornX plants growing in his ditch. He tries to spray them with pesticides to kill them, but they've been genetically modified to resist any kind of pesticides. So now, he's not only got corn plants he doesn't want, but he's got this bionic species rooted in his ditch.

WELL, the corporation that patented CornX comes around and finds his plants and decides to sue him for growing their seeds. Do you know that the man lost the case? He didn't even PLANT the damn things, but now, he's millions of dollars in debt to this corporation.

This is happening all over the world!
Small farmers' lives are being destroyed because we as a society believe that we own the environment.

Yeah, so that's what we're watching in class right now...

Hmmm..looks like I really did have something to talk about today...Nice :)