Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fear-mongering at it's best-"Gathering Storm"

Just watch the speaks for itself.

Why is it that so many people who call themselves "followers of Christ" think it's ok to use fear and manipulation to get what they want? It baffles me.

I honestly don't think God cares who gets married to who, considering there are sooooo many more important issues going on in the world, like...hmmm....the Darfur Genocide???

I wanna see the SAME people who participated in this video talk about how horrible the child slave trade is, or how immoral trafficking women in the sex trade is, OR how messed up it is that HIV meds are too expensive for 99% of the world's HIV/AIDS victims to afford...HOW BOUT WE TALK ABOUT SOME REAL ISSUES, huh?

I'm a proud supporter of Gay Marriage and I can't stand that so many self-righteous people are standing in the way of the happiness of millions. I mean, it's not that serious...really...

According to the fundamentalists, you can be a mass murderer your whole life, accept Christ on your death-bed, and *poof*, go to Heaven.
What does God care if you marry someone you love who happens to be the same-sex as you? God's got better and BIGGER ish to think about...really.

Don't you think we should be trying to reform the mass murderers out there instead of people who just wanna be happy in their own bedrooms?

To the makers of this video:



Saren J. said...

goddess damn it.

Anonymous said...

monette said...

God does care who gets married, does that mean someone should go to hell or be judged by anyone except for God? no. Leave it up to God. I think the motive about this video was less about condemning Gays and more about the fear that heterosexual rights will be lost because of new found homosexual rights, in this case, the video is wrong.

Yet, what do you say to a parent who is very religious by their RIGHT, who doesn't want their child to be taught a "sin" in school academics? in a way they are giving up their right.