Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Goins-ons

Ok, so I have been the worst blogger lately cuz I've just been super MIA, and for this, I apologize!

BUT...here's what's been goin on with me musically:

Luck-One, an upcoming MC out of Portland has just co-released a fabulous Hip Hop album with my Mr. Dekker. In fact, the project is by Luck-One & Dekk.

Newho, I was featured on the album on a song called "Coulda Been Me" and it, along with the rest of the album, has been receiving
boockoo amounts of recognition all over the net and the entire Hip Hop scene in Portland! How exciting right?? RIGHT!

So, there was an album release party on March 5th at Berbati's Pan in Portland and I was invited to perform the one song with Luck-One....AMAZINGness!!
(yea, looks like he's gonna eat me right? lol funny)

Anyways, it was the most fun I've ever had performing in my life! And I am so excited to do it again...and again...and again!! Soooo, I've decided to try and become an official "upcoming" artist :)

After the show, like 3 people got ahold of me to work with them on their own albums! STOKED!

So, I guess this post is an official THANK YOU to both Dekk (*muah*) and Luck-One for including me on this amazing project and showing me that I truly can have a future in music.

To my readers, I have started a myspace music page: myspace.com/smitrand
PLEASE add me if you have myspace and listen to the song!

Also, download the whole album at Mr. Dekker's blog:
Finding Dinosaurs

It has been selling like crazy on Itunes (i kno, right? ITUNES) but it's free on his blog.



Liam Rosen said...

That song is ILL, you should definitely launch your own hip-hop career. I will support you 100%.

Randa said...

Thanks for listening! I think I'm gonna try to do more Neo-Soul than Hip Hop, but I'm excited either way :)

Hanif said...

Im going to ask you to please delete that photo of me with the insane mean-mug.
Thank you.