Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rihanna/Chris Brown scandal

I follow a blog called Happy Nappy Head and the author posted a really interesting take on the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown scandal that I think everyone should read...

It pains me to know that there are many Black women out there who believe that we, as Black women, are deserving of domestic violence because we "pop off at the mouth" to Black men.

I'll be damned if I let anybody slap me up and then turn around and blame myself for it! This is really a form of self-hatred that has developed among many Black women and it is truly depressing.

Please read this blog post and let's get some discussion going on this!


Dekk said...

Violence against women and victim blaming is not exclusive to race or ethnicity. Why has this become an issue of race rather than gender? I fear that by focusing on the cultural aspects of this incident we are giving power to the already harmful notion that all black men should be feared…

Large portions of my clients are 1st and 2nd generation Mexican-American males. I am often asked by co-workers “how I plan to deal with machismo….”

My instant response is, “do you really think that white men are less aggressive?” The answer is almost always “no”. I often feel like the machismo argument is just another way of “othering”. The same seems to be going on here… So much attention is being given to “what’s going on with black culture?” and “why are black women swamped in self hatred?” that we are failing to ask the most important question:

What’s going on with MEN?

What is it about or system of interaction that allows such a high amount of perpetrators to be male? What is it about peaceful men that bad men fail to learn?


I understand that there are cultural intricacies that contribute to differing occurrences of domestic violence, but the fact remains that violence against women itself is not specific to race, creed, nationality or any other human categorization that you want to throw out.


Dekk said...

P.S.- I now have two reasons to never ever ever ever buy or illegally download a Chris Brown album:

1. He is an abusive, scum-bag, cowardly fuck face.

2. His music is HORRIBLE

Anonymous said...

well said Dekk...well said.

Hanif said...

Amen. However, there are always two sides to NE story. I too am disgusted by domestic violence, but we should be careful to not judge people and always consider the source of what we are hearing. If you act in haste you will repent at liesure. When we fail to embrace the struggle for compassion with those things/people we most dislike, we run the risk of joining their ranks.
Think on it.