Thursday, February 19, 2009

Racist Cartoon targets Obama

I found this on a Feminist Philosophy blog...the New York Post posted this cartoon in one of their editorials yesterday...

Fureal? I mean, come on New York Post...really?

It is not surprising to me that the level of racism in this country has not decreased just because Obama is president. But this is completely and utterly uncalled for....unacceptable!

I am offended as a Black woman that some one thought it ok to post such a racist image in a newspaper...Black people have been compared to animals, particularly apes, for centuries, and it is just so discouraging to see that there are still many who would see ME as an ape!!

I am outraged!!

Please click the picture to read the official article...


Liam Rosen said...

The New York Post is a terrible paper in general.

thruby said...

That is MESSED UP! I wish people could be done with all this stuff.

I'm glad you didn't blog about the video game as well -- your blog might have been too depressing to read.

I'm sort of disappointed in the world lately. Ug!

Feel better.

Hanif said...

The media is an organism.