Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ex-Masturbator Campaign...

WHAAATTT??? Oh Lawd!

Apparently, there's some Passion for Christ campaign that's getting young adults to stop masturbating! They've created these "ex shirts" for youth to wear, claiming that they are no longer commiting the "violation" against their own article calls it an "illegal orgasm"

HAHAHAHA!!!! I can't believe this! REALLY? I mean, FURREALS?

This is dangerous on so many levels! People are continuously trying to convince us that our bodies are evil and that any pleasure we give it is sinful. What about "loving yourself"? To me, that statement includes sexually lol...

I, like millions of others, grew up believing that my body was off limits to everyone, including me. And you know, that mindset led me to believe that my body was never mine. This is dangerous! We are human beings, built to enjoy the pleasures of life...all of them!

I just can't believe that there are actually thousands of people my age who are believing the lie that masturbation defiles the body...shit! Alcohol defiles the body faster than touching yourself lol...and I'm sure all these "Ex-Masturbators" have picked up a drink sometime in their lives. I just don't like the flaunting of "purity" when there's nothing to be pure from!

Please, check this out and lets get some conversation goin on this in the comments section, lol...this is bananas!


thruby said...

I know. It always amazes me how much religious organizations want to control your mind. I've always felt that they aren't comfortable enough with their own choices (not to masturbate, to wait until marriage to have sex-haha) so they try to force everyone else to make the same choice that they did and think the same way that they do. This reassures them that their way is the correct way of thinking. They do so much damage to kids this way.

The use of the word "purity" has always pissed me off more than anything. It makes it sound like your decision whether or not to masturbate is the only thing that determines whether you are a good person or not. ARG!

We could launch a counter attack with some t-shirts of our own. They could simply say "Masturbator" on the front. They'd be pretty cute, I think, and fun to wear to class.

Saren J. said...

I would so wear a "masturbator" T-shirt.

The back would say, "I love my body on many levels."

Those people in the ad look so blank! I mean, i can't even get over that.

I can maybe understand it if "they" (uh oh, i'm falling into an us-them mentality, too!)--er, religious groups just want to help young adults avoid idle hedonism; but this is too far. People need to be able to feel--emotionally, sexually, physically, intellectually--and by lumping all masturbation into "sin," i think Randa says it perfectly: the mindset leads us into believing our bodies are not ours. And yes, this is extremely dangerous in so many ways.

Saren J. said...

I designed a shirt for us.

thruby said...

Hey, that t-shirt is awesome! I hope they catch on.

Randa said...


I love the shirt!!! I would so wear it! Thanks for commenting :)

Dekk said...

I have decided to masturbate more than usual this week just to see if I feel evil afterward....

I also hope to have sex, pre-maritally..

What the hell does the "ex-slave" shirt mean?

Religion is more dangerous in the hands of the wrong people than masturbation will ever be!!

Love the shirt...

I think I might get a tattoo like that on my forehead...


I love the stories of the "ex-homosexuals"!! The ignorance of these people astounds me..




Hanif said...

"Revile not their faith lest they in turn revile yours"
Just a thought.