Monday, February 2, 2009

Erykah Badu blog

So apparently it's now the "in" thing to blog while in labor...childbrith labor lol...

Erykah Badu (whom I love as a musician) has just opened the door to what I believe is a new level of blogging. This woman gave hourly updates of her own labor!

Now, I think that' s maybe a lil bit cute (maybe) but damn, when I'm in labor, don't expect my ass to be on nobody's Twitter textin to the world lol...I just think this is too funny, that's all...

Plus, her kids' names are Puma and Seven...yes, the wild cat and the number yall.

But, nonetheless, the woman is an amazing musician, so I guess it's ok lol.

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Dekk said...

badu is going crazy... sorry to say it... but it's true... too many drugs and vegetables will do that to a person..

follow her on twitter and you will see what I mean. I could only stand to follow her for about 8 hours before blocking our friendship! lol!