Friday, February 27, 2009

Arab Money (Remix)....WTF??? Busta Rhymes and every other ignorant rapper out right now have decided to create a music video about (get this)

And not just about how much money they have, but about the ARAB money they the middle of the biggest recession since the Great Depression..........thanks, Busta et al.
(If you don't know what et al. means, it's just so I don't have to list all the rappers' names everytime)

Thanks for lettin me know how much money YOU have, while me and the rest of the f-ing country are in thousands of dollars in debt...OR while most of the country's homes and cars are being repossessed....thanks Busta et al. for the reminder of just how POOR I am...I'm gonna go buy your next album now...

And thanks P. Diddy, for lettin' me know that you don't give a f*ck about the recession...I know this, P.Diddy, because you so bluntly have said "Fuck a recession, I'm still investin'...."
Thanks Diddy....I'm glad you have your millions and your diamonds...

Not only is this video a pile of cockamamie bullshit, it's highly offensive to the Arab world!

It's crazy, cuz while I was watching this video, Mr. Dekker suggested "What if Eminem came out with a song claiming 'I got Negro Moneeeey!'"

You know what? That's a damn good point! Cuz he'd get is ass BEAT, lol. There is no excuse for these grown ass men to be gallivanting around like they own the world....God, what f-ing ignorance!

This is why I don't listen to main stream rap....


Hanif said...

1. If Mr. Mathers were to write a song called "I got negro money" it would be of no consequence being as
"negroes", en masses, have no money due largely to the reality that the most axiomatic principles of western economics are by and large alien to the "negro" mass.
2. The fact that NE one has enough money to shoot as asanyne (how do you spell that?) a video as this one is very telling in that it clearly demonstrates that the so called "recession" craze is just another media propaganda campaign of as little consequence as the killer peanut butter scare (just for the record peanut butter won't kill you).
americans complain about recession when they have to spend more that 2.50 a gallon on gasoline forgetting that people in Haiti survive off that for a week. If you're going to buy into americanism save us the sheer ridiculousness of complaining when the relative going gets tough people. You still have it better than nearly everyone.
3. "Mainstream" rappers talking about their money are in no way any more crass than "underground" rappers preaching false tenets of "The Revolution" or other such no frills corner store socio-political philosophy. The problem as I see it lies in the tendency to embrace the dichotomy more than end reality of either of it's polarized spectrums.
4. Video is hot. lol

Hanif said...

This is a terrible song.
Busta has succeeded where Master P. failed.
The beat, chorus and lyrics on this track are all very poorly crafted.
The most offensive thing about this track is Akon's verse.
Wow...this is wack.