Friday, February 27, 2009

Arab Money (Remix)....WTF??? Busta Rhymes and every other ignorant rapper out right now have decided to create a music video about (get this)

And not just about how much money they have, but about the ARAB money they the middle of the biggest recession since the Great Depression..........thanks, Busta et al.
(If you don't know what et al. means, it's just so I don't have to list all the rappers' names everytime)

Thanks for lettin me know how much money YOU have, while me and the rest of the f-ing country are in thousands of dollars in debt...OR while most of the country's homes and cars are being repossessed....thanks Busta et al. for the reminder of just how POOR I am...I'm gonna go buy your next album now...

And thanks P. Diddy, for lettin' me know that you don't give a f*ck about the recession...I know this, P.Diddy, because you so bluntly have said "Fuck a recession, I'm still investin'...."
Thanks Diddy....I'm glad you have your millions and your diamonds...

Not only is this video a pile of cockamamie bullshit, it's highly offensive to the Arab world!

It's crazy, cuz while I was watching this video, Mr. Dekker suggested "What if Eminem came out with a song claiming 'I got Negro Moneeeey!'"

You know what? That's a damn good point! Cuz he'd get is ass BEAT, lol. There is no excuse for these grown ass men to be gallivanting around like they own the world....God, what f-ing ignorance!

This is why I don't listen to main stream rap....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Racist Cartoon targets Obama

I found this on a Feminist Philosophy blog...the New York Post posted this cartoon in one of their editorials yesterday...

Fureal? I mean, come on New York Post...really?

It is not surprising to me that the level of racism in this country has not decreased just because Obama is president. But this is completely and utterly uncalled for....unacceptable!

I am offended as a Black woman that some one thought it ok to post such a racist image in a newspaper...Black people have been compared to animals, particularly apes, for centuries, and it is just so discouraging to see that there are still many who would see ME as an ape!!

I am outraged!!

Please click the picture to read the official article...

I'm Sick

Hello friends,

I apologize for the random no-guidance blogging...I've just been really busy and super SICK! Like fureals, if you've run into me this last week, you'd know what I mean.

So, until I'm on my feet again, expect random no-guidance blogging from me lol...

That's literally what I look n Khalua...and all the tissues...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bloggers Block

This is how I feel about blogging right the video :)

This post has become what Stewie's guitar lesson is to his songwriting lol

No worries! I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rihanna/Chris Brown scandal

I follow a blog called Happy Nappy Head and the author posted a really interesting take on the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown scandal that I think everyone should read...

It pains me to know that there are many Black women out there who believe that we, as Black women, are deserving of domestic violence because we "pop off at the mouth" to Black men.

I'll be damned if I let anybody slap me up and then turn around and blame myself for it! This is really a form of self-hatred that has developed among many Black women and it is truly depressing.

Please read this blog post and let's get some discussion going on this!

My Bad

Sorry yall, I've been really busy studying for a crazy midterm I have coming up so I've been MIA on the Blogger...But I'll be on my feet again in a couple days! (My midterm is tomorrow...)

Wish me luck!


I have great friends...and I love them so much...just wanted to say that :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ex-Masturbator Campaign...

WHAAATTT??? Oh Lawd!

Apparently, there's some Passion for Christ campaign that's getting young adults to stop masturbating! They've created these "ex shirts" for youth to wear, claiming that they are no longer commiting the "violation" against their own article calls it an "illegal orgasm"

HAHAHAHA!!!! I can't believe this! REALLY? I mean, FURREALS?

This is dangerous on so many levels! People are continuously trying to convince us that our bodies are evil and that any pleasure we give it is sinful. What about "loving yourself"? To me, that statement includes sexually lol...

I, like millions of others, grew up believing that my body was off limits to everyone, including me. And you know, that mindset led me to believe that my body was never mine. This is dangerous! We are human beings, built to enjoy the pleasures of life...all of them!

I just can't believe that there are actually thousands of people my age who are believing the lie that masturbation defiles the body...shit! Alcohol defiles the body faster than touching yourself lol...and I'm sure all these "Ex-Masturbators" have picked up a drink sometime in their lives. I just don't like the flaunting of "purity" when there's nothing to be pure from!

Please, check this out and lets get some conversation goin on this in the comments section, lol...this is bananas!

Poll Results

So, according to this last week's polls, the best album of 2008 was.................

"THE WAY I SEE IT" by Raphael Saadiq!!!

This was indeed a fabulous album, which I am still listening to on a daily basis!

Just a reminder, Saadiq will be playing in Portland's Wonder Ballroom on March 6, 2009! Get your tickets now!

Here's his newest music video for the song "Love That Girl"...enjoy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kid Couture Mix Tape

This is a new mix tape by a good friend and amazing DJ Kid Couture. He's had shows at Downward Dog in Corvallis, so for any of you readers who live here and go to Cloud 9, you know who he is!

Anyways, this is his newest project and I'm gonna need ALL YALL to download it and listen! Maye even share :)

The project is presented by Pigeons and Planes, a blogger both I and Dekk follow...
(click on Pigeons and Planes to get to the download)

This thing is I've been playin it everyday since I got it!

Erykah Badu blog

So apparently it's now the "in" thing to blog while in labor...childbrith labor lol...

Erykah Badu (whom I love as a musician) has just opened the door to what I believe is a new level of blogging. This woman gave hourly updates of her own labor!

Now, I think that' s maybe a lil bit cute (maybe) but damn, when I'm in labor, don't expect my ass to be on nobody's Twitter textin to the world lol...I just think this is too funny, that's all...

Plus, her kids' names are Puma and Seven...yes, the wild cat and the number yall.

But, nonetheless, the woman is an amazing musician, so I guess it's ok lol.