Monday, January 26, 2009


Ok so I gotta get this out...

Does it ever seem like some people exist just to try n make you feel bad about yourself? Like their only purpose on this earth is to bring you down in some way cuz there couldn't possibly be any other explanation for the fact that they even breathe the same air as you? If people like this really exist, I'm pretty sure I ran into one this weekend lol...

Now, I'm not tryna be mean or bitter or fact, I'm writing this so I don't turn bitter! So this person that I know (we'll call this person Angela...since I hate Angela's character on The Office) has gotten so far under my skin that just the mention of her name pisses me off. And you know wut? I don't even know how we got this way! All I know is one day, she started really making me feel bad about myself. And how fucked up is that? So, naturally, I cut her off.

BUT....even when I run into her, it's like she's got some kind of jedi mind shit goin, cuz sure enough, I start developing trillions of insecurities...and stupid ones too! Like "I'm I suck", or "There's dishes in my I suck", or "I'm I suck" lol...

SEE??? These are the dumbest most littlest most stupidest insecurities that I have managed to give this person complete control over!

Oh and that's not all about Angela...(btw, to my real cousin Angela, this is not you lol...jus in case u read this one) This b*tch (yes, I kno I don't use that word, but this is my one exception) is the biggest shit talker I know! So I guess that's another reason I let her get to me...poo literally flies out her mouth when she forms words, thats how much shit she talks lol.

I mean why do people like this even exist? And they somehow manage to turn others against you...which is even worse! But i guess anyone who gets turned by a shit-talker ain't worth the dust behind ur fridge neway lol...(like that analogy? I made it up lol. Cuz who thinks about the dust behind their fridge?)

Ok so I guess my point to all this is FUCK THE ANGELAs OF THE WORLD!! And if you've got an Angela in your life, DO SHARE in the comments section cuz I'd love to hear about her/him!
If you don't have one, more power to ya!

Meanwhile, I'll be remembering that nobody is worth me feeling bad about fact, I'll remember that all the dumbest most littlest most stupidest insecurities are just that!

Nobody's perfect,
everybody has dishes in their sink,
EVERYBODY's broke right now (damn economy),
and everybody gets moody sumtime...................

Now go clean that damn dust from behind your fridge!


Dekk said...

In the words of the great philosopher Katt Williams:

"you've got to stay in touch with your star mother-fucking player...."


Good vent ;-)

Anonymous said...

You crack me up woman! I love this vent session you got going on...way to let it all out! I hate the angela's of the world!

And yes, I am pretty sure everyone has an angela in their life along with their dusty space behind the fridge.