Thursday, December 11, 2008

Passion Party Update

This is just a reminder that my Passion Party is this Saturday, December 13th! Instead of having just one at 7pm , I'm having two!
The first one is at noon on the same day at my place, and then we'll have the originally scheduled one at 7pm later that nite (don't's complicated,lol) .

I really hope to see you women there! If you need to RSVP or somthin, email me and I can give you my address and contact info! My email is

I can't wait for this party! Wait....have I even done my victory dance for this depressing ass term being over??? I haven't!!!

*victory dance* *victory dance*
*shake booty* (That's my victory dancer over there btw...hope you like her) ;)

K, now I've done it :) Newho, I'd like to say that this has been the all time most difficult term for me. I mean, yall been readin' my ass was gettin all
kinds of depressed! And not jus cuz I had a boat-load of papers due every week either! (thank you to the professors who I'm sure got together all term and said "Let's find the best way to torture Randa ...hmmm...we know! We'll give her papers....every...week!"..............yea, thanks for that)
The topics we discussed in class on a daily basis
literally traumatized me lol. Like, to the point to where now we've started a support group (yes, you read group) to help us debunk from the entire term of system overload. It's gotta be bad when a whole class decides on needing a collective support group lol......damn, yall shoulda been in this class, then you'd know what I'm talking about lol.

Well, I made it thru!! (hence my ever so clever victory dance)
I really did look for that pottery class to take next term luck tho. So I've settled for a Women's Studies class that looks at all the Disney movies through feminist eyes, hehehehe...can't
wait for this one! Disney was f-ed up...has anyone ever gone back and watched The Little Mermaid as an adult? That shit is all kinds of sexual. I mean, Ariel was only 16 for godssake! Oh, wait till I'm in that class, yall are gonna hear it ALL lol.

Well, I just wanted to update a bit since, according to my Blogger log, I haven't posted since Dec 4th...lame, I know. Happy End of the Term!!!

I am woman! I am invincible! I am pooped! ~Author Unknown

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Randa what's up? No more blogging??? :)