Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Passion Party


I am becoming a Passion Party consultant!! Yup, that's right...sellin' "bath products" for women :)

I'll be using this as an avenue for my activism. I want to teach women about their bodies and how AMAZING the female anatomy is...

Soooo...I'll be having my "kit-raising" party (the proceeds go toward me getting my demo kit) at my place on December 13th @ 7pm. After this party, I'll be able to book my own! YAAAYY!!

So to any women who are interested, leave a comment letting me know if you'd either like to come to my party or book me as a consultant at your own party. I am SO excited to educate while talking sex...that's what life's all about to me!

P.S. My friend Elysia has started a fabulous blog called The New Sex Dictionary all about women and sexuality. So far, she's posted a great way to "pleasure yourself" in the's great :)

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Passion Party said...

well i join one passion party per month.