Friday, November 28, 2008

"Candy" by Randa

I am not your average, everyday
Poptart candy-girl
with strawberry filling pouring from my lips
and milk jugs switchin' at my hips.

I am not your expectation
of the "video girl";
that Top 40's and Hot 5o's chick
sick wit' dat "Laffy Taffy"
as cotton candy sound waves seep through her speakers,
jump-start her nervous system
and leave sweetened cavities
in the molars of her intelligence.

No, I am not the video girl
you visually ingest on a daily basis...
'Cuz the basis of my existence does not rely
on your ignorance of my intelligence...

But I bet you wish it did...

I am not a Now & Later
who'd rather have you inside me Now
rather than Later.
I am not your lollipop,
a stick with sugar for brains.
No, I am not your occasional treat...

But, I bet you wish I was...

You want a Bitch,
a female canine on all fours
moppin' floors
and servin' the same one-course meal
your Momma served your good-for-nothin'
dead-beat Daddy.

You want a toy, a play-thing;
one who bends to your every will,
who takes you at face value,
who values the words you speak,
and the air you breathe
over that of her own.

But I am not here to serve you;
not here as your vessel of safety...

But I bet you wish I was...
don't you...

1 comment:

Saren J. Call said...

ABOSLUTELY one of my favoritest poems EVER.
It's amazing when you perform it.