Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Religious Revelation

You know, I'm having a hard time figuring out how often I should write on this thing, and then it hit me...there's ALWAYS something to write about! So for all you followers, be prepared to get a new post everyday! (ok, maybe not everyday cuz I got shit to do but yall know what I mean,lol)...

So, I was in my Women and Sexuality class the other day (damn I love that class lol) and my professor (the amazingly intelligent woman that she is) raised the point that the book of Revelation in the Bible is NOT to be taken literally....(WHAT????!!!) yeah that was my reaction...well, that and I actually started crying lol. Not because I was upset, but for the first time in my life, I didn't have to be afraid of the "end times"! I mean, if anyone else has grown up SUPER conservative Christian like me, then this would be a pretty big f-ing deal to you too! My entire life has been based on the fear of being "left behind" after the rapture (which, btw, is NOT REAL!!!) God, just writing that statement gives me chills...How could something I've based my life on be a sham? I feel shiested! (that's pronounced shy-sted for anyone who knows the real way to spell that word)

So now, I gotta go through my entire belief system and shave away all the untruths. I mean, there is actually empirical evidence which proves that the way Evangelical Christians interpret the book of Revelation is FALSE! (I have to keep saying that over and over again, not for yall, but more for me...it still hasn't settled with me yet) I mean, can you believe the amounts of oppression that stem from just the fear that Christ will come back some day and actually condemn people to Hell? OH! and HELL? The original Hebrew Bible does not even MENTION a Hell! WTF right? RIGHT! I KNOW! Ok I know for some, this may be any issue where you'd need more documentation than just my lil blog, so I'm gonna post the names of the books my prof gave me on all this stuff. Here's the list:

1. Revelation as Drama
by James Blevins
2. The God We Never Knew: Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time by Marcus Borg
3. The Myth of Certainty by Daniel Taylor
4. Process Theology: An Introduction by David Griffin & John Cobb

So, I'm gonna go out and find those books, read 'em, and let yall know what else I learn. I think it is very important for people to be given the entire picture with regard to religion and its history rather than what they were taught and told to believe...this is all very new to me...Wish me luck as I embark on this new journey in my life! (Cuz its scary!)

"I've left Bethlehem, and I feel free. I've left the girl I was supposed to be, and some day I'll be born." ~Paula Cole

P.S. I would love to hear anyone's responses to this entry because I know it's heavy for some...


Anonymous said...

Well this is very interesting! I grew up with a strong Catholic background, but honestly I do not know a lot of info about the book of revelation. It is so amazing to me how every time I take a women's studies class I discover the many "untruths" that I have believed my whole life. It totally turns you upside down! It is often overwhelming too...good luck with your new spiritual "revelation" ;)

Hanif said...

intellectualizing upon religion will bring none of closer to the inherent, and powerful truth to be found therein. The wise don't apply multiplication algorithms to fraction conversions, expecting a sum.
As always...think on it.