Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hasbro's Rose Petal Cottage for little girls

Hello all! So, I'm watching Heroes or something the other night and this commercial comes on (hopefully you've just watched it) pitching a make-believe cottage to little girls, calling it "A place where her imagination can grow". Now, if I had been 15 years younger, I'd have been the first one screaming "I want that, Mommy! For Christmas, pleeeeease!!!". But I'm 21....and can see through the bullshit (yes, that's what that commercial is...bull...shit) Here's why:

It is teaching our young girls that their place of true comfort, relaxation, and creativity is in the home. And not just anywhere in the home, but in the kitchen, laundry room, and nursery. First off, I was a little girl once and I can honestly say to yall that I hated the damn kitchen, AND the laundry room. Cuz I hated doing dishes and washing clothes and I'm pretty sure there are thousands of women today who would agree that doing housework does not equate to the growth of the imagination.

Ok, so about the commercial The entire f-ing thing is PINK! This in itself is suggesting that little girls are somehow connected to the color and all things pink...gross. But honestly, the part of the commercial that got me was when the little girl is putting on her PINK apron and pulling PINK-frosted cupcakes from the oven while the narrator claims that this playhouse is a "place where her dreams have room to grow"......UUGGH! How gross, right? I know!! First off, that statement paired with that scene is a set-up for ultimate brainwashing. Not only will it affect our little girls, but little boys will undoubtedly begin to believe that girls' places are in the kitchen baking cookies....for them. Notice how the little girl does not make the cupcakes for herself, but for her teddy bear. Women are expected to cook and clean for the household, leaving themselves as objects void of basic needs, such as EATING (I think I'm convinced this could be connected to the eating-disorders in young girls...but I dunno yet). I mean think about it! How often do you see a commercial where little girls are eating food......don't worry, I'll wait..............NONE, right? Even when the commercial is for a baking oven or something else disgustingly "feminine" and kitchen-like, the girls themselves are never portrayed actually eating the food. Ok, but this is all beside the point because this commercial is about a playhouse.

So as for the whole scene where the little girl (who I will now call Betty) is moving furniture and "decorating" her space, I say WTF. This again perpetuates that the only things women enjoy is anything having to do with our precious homes...well, I think not! Yes, it is fun to rearrange furniture to best fit one's own comfort, but when the hell are we gonna see Little Timmy doin' that shit? Because, I guarantee there are a plethora of men who love to interior decorate...I know a few myself.

Next, the laundry. Can you believe they have a little girl actually doing laundry on a commercial and calling it "entertaining her imagination"???? What absolute cockamamie bullshit!!! Who imagines doing laundry?! (Raise your hand if you do, I won't judge)....NOBODY, right? RIGHT!
Little girls are getting the impression that housework is all that's out there for them, and I for one am outraged. And not only is this commercial pushing the housework package, but the "motherhood" package on top of it. Little Betty pulls her doll wrapped like Baby Jesus out of a yellow and PINK crib and places it in a bassinet....disgusting only because it feeds into the image of the always-happy-and-passive housewife we so often push onto our women and young girls. There is nothing wrong with mothering, mind you, but there is something fundamentally wrong if it is the only thing Little Betty can look forward to in life. (Does anyone think it's funny that they never portray little girls with screaming and hungry babies on commercials? Cuz that would just be too accurate, right? And it would completely squash the fantasy of being the perfect mother with the perfect silent baby...which doesn't exist).

Ok well I think I'm gonna end this one since one of my critiques about blogging was "shorter entries" lol...But please respond if you are convicted in any way by this commercial. I'd love some feedback!

"Women belong in the house... and the Senate." ~Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

This was my favorite line:

"cockamamie bullshit!!! "

Lol! What is cockamamie? Great post... for some reason I had a feeling that this one was coming.....

I definitely think that the media plays a huge role in shaping our social interaction, but I would argue that its role is as a "catalyst". Fact of the matter is that people invented media, not the other way around and what we see on a daily basis is nothing more than a reflection of a culture that we have all created. Something tells me that as we grow older there will be less and less comercials like these. I say this because we have people like you (Randa) pointing out them out to us.

Great work... You got me thinking...


Jessica said...

Awesome post!

but you forgot to mention that women are not only "supposed" to do the laundry, cook and take care of the children but women are to do it all while wearing a mini skirt :)

.Saren. said...


I see this commercial every few days, and it bugs me sooo much. i never was the lil one to play house, and seeing that little girl's imagination squandered by pink chairs, washing machine, and muffins makes me want to jump through the f*cking screen and destroy it, and then hold the lil girl in front of me and tell her, "there's so much more than this." It's like someone out there wants to send us back 50 years.

Boo for Hasbro and it's patriarchal bullshit. Yay for Randa's blog.

Carmen said...

Why doesn't she eat the food she cooks? I never noticed that before. I worked for a guy who's three year old son had the toy cleaning set, the vacuum and the broom. He would go around vacuuming all day long. I thought that was so cool. I think anonymous is right about these things blending and dissapearing in the future, if you won't buy the Hasbro house for your daughter, then thats change. On an unrelated note, I read an article in this months Self magazine, or maybe last months, with the Law and Order SVU Olivia on the cover and it had an article, buried in the back, that made me want to scream; it was about a date rape predator. How he raped all these women, everyone knew, but they're cases couldn't stand up in court because our rape laws are so antiquated. And I am so angry about the laws in our country on this matter. So check out the article, I'm curious if you have any thoughts.

Hanif said...

We seek validation for our often insanely inconsequential lives through interaction, more to the point: speech. A form of communication so flawed in it's ability to transferr ideas it well nigh need not be called such a form in the first place. Often times, we spend our time around like minded individuals believing that what it is we are doing is building our understanding through discourse with intelligent souls, when in reality they are only, rather: mostly, deemed such due to the fact that their limited five physical senses have brought them to many of the same flawed conclusions as our own have. Personally, I would rather read a John McCain book than a Barack Obama. For no other reason than the crass republican view (speaking in general terms) grates so strongly against my own so-called socialist ideals that the outcome can be none other than development. A wise man will find truth in the mundane things in life and give little heed to it's superficial residue, outgrowth. Through friction comes growth, so long as we surround ourselves with those who share our beliefs....we're cross country runners, just circling the track. To find traction one must have an opposing force. Think on it.